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Connecting Quality Practices with Quality Leads

Lower upfront marketing costs and fast track growth with qualified leads, ready to pull the trigger on treatment.

Let the experts fill your new patient pipeline while you focus on delivering thrilling results! Sound too good to be true? Schedule a call to learn more about our 4 week trial.

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Re-activate & Engage Your Patient Database

Grow your practice with uniquely timed offers to existing, satisfied patients!

We all know it’s more expensive to acquire new patients than  it is to maintain your existing relationships. When you see patients more frequently (and for a wider variety of treatments) you increase customer lifetime value AND form deeper relationships. Then what? Stellar patient reviews and referrals of course!

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No More Robo Messages

Your voice matters! We translate your unique personality across all communications.

Whether we’re building an email, SMS or lead gen sales funnel, our priority is to bring your unique voice to all communications, so patients feel like they’re talking to your office, not a machine. 😍

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Marketing Services Without the Upfront Fees

Review & Referral

Turn your Google Reviews into a patient acquisition and referral source YOU control.

Website Design

At Thrilling Results aim for award-winning design AND tangible revenue-generating outcomes.

Highly Qualified
Lead Generation

What kind of filters do you have in place to ensure you’re attracting only your best patients?

Direct Mail &
Printed Materials

It’s true physical mail is on the decline, but did you know open rates are on the rise?

Marketing Strategy
& Copywriting

If you could focus in just one area of your marketing, this is where we’d recommend you start.

SEO Optimization
& Paid Media

When it comes to attracting new patients it’s important to have active an passive sources of traffic!

We Communicate Clearly

Never wonder “what’s going on with our marketing?” again.

At Thrilling Results we understand there’s nothing more frustrating than lack of communication around marketing efforts. That’s why as a client, you receive a dedicated Slack channel to allow real-time communication with your account manager, a client portal and weekly calls to field questions and monitor progress, so you’re always in the loop!

Instant communication via Slack.

Project management in our Client Portal.

A weekly Zoom call check-in.

Let’s Chat

We’re not asking for your hand in marriage. 💍😆

Just a call to see if we may be a good fit to work together. 😍 Click below to schedule today, and come prepared with any questions you may have. We’ll have a few for you as well! Talk soon… Jen