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Why Thrilling Results?

A message from founder + head thriller, Jen Gordon.

Dear FNAME <– kidding

If you get that joke, you’re in the right place. 😆 My name is Jen and I’m the founder of Thrilling Results, a lead gen marketing agency for orthodontic & dental practices. The Thrilling Results brand is no joke, it’s our mission! Our aim is to be an indispensable support system in your business, dedicated to helping you optimize campaigns and realize the growth you’re after.

If you’re not familiar with my work, I’ve been in the design and marketing space since 2008 and it’s probably the least interesting thing about me. I do love it though, which is why you’re reading this today! 

Two truths and a lie: I restored a 1967 Camaro when I was 14, I drove an RV from Atlanta to Yellowstone Park and back, I birthed a baby bunny while petting a rabbit I didn’t know was pregnant. Email me and I’ll tell you which one is the lie 😉