Jen Gordon

Founder + Head Thriller

Hi there friend! If you’re on our site, I wanna go ahead and say two things: “I’m sorry.” and “You’re welcome.”

Why? It’s likely you’re here because you’ve got a marketing problem, a growth problem, or an attitude problem. ???? Maybe all three. You’ve been let down by vendors who have promised results and I’m really sorry you’ve been through that! However, I have good news. As our name implies, we can help. You’re welcome!

Working in marketing and design since 2003, I’ve seen it all. That’s why I founded Thrilling Results, to put a laser focus not on the latest software, tool or shiny marketing object but on what’s really important – outcomes that fuel your business’ growth!

Leigh Palmer

Digital Marketing Manager

Leigh is a creative marketing mind with a talent for coordinating projects with lots of moving parts. She keeps our client communications clear and concise so you’re never wondering about timeframes or deadlines. As an added bonus, she’s a joyful and energetic spirit – a complete thrill to work with! ✨

Thanks to working in the luxury hospitality industry for years, she has become our resident expert in southern charm and hospitality – which she translates into advice for amazing patient interactions!

Between her knowledge of the social media realm and skills in keeping clients (and your patients!) happy, you’ll find Leigh to be the ideal social media and PR coach!