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Triple Win Pricing

No retainers. No upfront costs.

No risk.

We absorb the upfront costs of copywriting, design + marketing strategy, and are compensated when the campaigns result in leads or sales for your practice! We begin with a 4-week test project to ensure we can deliver the results you’re after, then we’re off to the races!

Pay a Flat Fee Per Lead

If you’re only interested in generating new leads for your practice, our Pay per Lead program is a simple way to get started. We provide the leads, you close the deal. We provide your cost per lead after a preliminary analysis of your geographic area, as costs vary by city.

You pay:

A flat fee for each pre-qualified, new patient lead we send you. The costs to acquire new leads in your geographic area determines the your cost per lead, and will be agreed upon prior to campaign launch. Click below to schedule a call so we can learn more and prepare an accurate PPL estimate for you based on your location.

PPL includes:

1 designer + 1 developer + 1 account rep

Account rep access via Slack

Weekly campaign results reporting

Monthly report of converted leads & resulting sales

Weekly 30 Minute Zoom check-in with account rep

Or click here to learn more about how PPL works.

Pay a % of Sales We Generate

Our Pay for Performance model is a no-risk option for growth. We get paid based on the performance of the campaigns we manage, so once you get paid, we get paid. We work together to define the percentage split so it’s a win for all.

You pay:

A commission or percentage of sales we generate through various marketing channels that we manage. There is no charge for our copywriting, design, project management & marketing strategy hours – we get paid when you do. We manage analytics and reporting to cross reference commissionable sales in your system.

P4P includes:

1 designer + 1 developer + 1 account rep

Account rep access via Slack

Weekly campaign results reporting

Monthly report of sales and commissions due

Weekly 1 Hour Zoom check-in with account rep

Not Ready for PPL or P4P?

No problem! We do offer “pay upfront” services that will give you some experience working with us:

Amp up engagement and get patients posting about you on THEIR social media feeds!

Treatment coordinators, close more consults with stories your patients want to hear.

Our Review & Refer program increases not just reviews, but more importantly – referrals!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here’s the deal. Only a confident team who delivers consistent thrilling results can hang their hat on this brand. 🤣 However, if for any reason you feel we haven’t fulfilled our brand promise, we offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee.