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Pay for Marketing that Works

Β Ever look at your yearly marketing budget and wonder “was it worth it?”

Here’s the facts. Sometimes campaigns don’t hit on the first try. Like – 99% of them. That’s why agencies prefer to get paid for their time upfront. It takes a minute to figure out what’s going to work!

Why are we taking a different approach? We’re in this with you for the long haul. πŸ’› Wanna learn more? Hit the button below and let’s chat!

How We Help You Scale

We aren’t selling software, services or possibility. We’re selling business growth. 🌱

Many agencies sell services like email, SMS marketing, SEO optimization, Facebook ads, website design… the list goes on. At Thrilling Results, we also perform many of these services, but our attention and focus is on performance and outcomes for your business.

So How does it work?

Identify Quick Wins

Often there are multiple opportunities for growth but a lack of time to strategize on how to harvest the low hanging fruit. We work with you to identify one area of growth with the highest potential for success.

Create Your Campaign

Here’s where the “services” come in. We first develop strategy and KPI’s for the campaign, then get into copywriting, design and launch of the campaign to your audience. Delivery method may be email, SMS, direct mail etc.

Split Test & Optimize

Here’s where marketing often falls apart. Teams are too busy or under-educated on how to split test and optimize campaigns. They give up or call the test prematurely. This is where our extensive testing experience pays off big time!

Report Results

Here we provide no-fluff numbers. It’s not about how many emails went out or how many impressions you got – it’s about how well our campaign met the desired goal. Did we hit it or not and figuring out next steps from there.

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We Start with a 4 Week Trial

Let’s confirm this is a win-win. πŸ˜‰

We get it, signing up for help in your marketing is a big decision! To ensure our work together is a match made in heaven πŸ‘Ό we first commit to a test project that can be completed in 4 weeks.

If at the end of our engagement, either party is not fully thrilled, we each walk away with minimal time invested. Sound interesting? Click below to schedule a time to chat with Jen.

We Communicate Clearly

Never wonder “what’s going on with our marketing?” again.

At Thrilling Results we understand there’s nothing more frustrating than lack of communication around marketing efforts. That’s why as a client, you receive a dedicated Slack channel to allow real-time communication with your account manager, a client portal and weekly calls to field questions and monitor progress, so you’re always in the loop!

Instant communication via Slack.

Project management in our Client Portal.

A weekly Zoom call check-in.