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Get New Patient Leads Without the Legwork

Tell us who you want, it’s our job to find them!

All we need from you and your team is approval on offers and access to a team member who can keep us informed on how well the leads are converting into new patients.

Define Target Patients

We work with you to identify business goals and define which treatment types you want to offer to attract new patients.

Create Your Offer

We then define an offer around the desired treatment type. We do all of the copywriting, design and development.

Run Ads & Collect Leads

It’s our job to craft an offer and vet leads that meet the your criteria. Once a lead has been vetted, it enters your system.

We Write, Design & Build the Campaigns

Then pass the leads you’re looking for to you and your team.

No more dabbling in AdWords and Facebook trying to get some promotions working, wondering if you’re doing it right. We take that hassle off your plate and deliver the end result you’re after – more new and qualified leads in your door.

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