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Wake up and engage your patient database!

You know you have additional value to offer your patients, but you’re barely keeping up with the day-to-day needs in your business. We get it, and are here to help. Offload this important task to the experts while you focus on your zone of genius. 

How the Recall Program Works

Segment Your Audience

For maximum results, we gotta customize copy based on your patients treatment & appointment history. A patient who’s been inactive for 18 months is very different from one who visited 8 weeks ago. We get the right message in front of the right people.

Create Your Offer

We have a variety of offers for you to choose from and test. We’ll decide together which offers best fit your “audiences”, bandwidth and revenue goals. Our aim is to bring maximum value to your practice and your patients!

Define Delivery & Timing

The final step is defining how and with what frequency you want to deliver offers to your patients. We have years of experience taking a balanced approach to entering patients phones & inboxes – so they feel respected and valued.

Are Your Patients Surprised to Hear from You?

It’s understandable!

You’re running a busy practice, happy to be eeking out appointment reminders and *maybe* a few offers a year. You know consistency of communication with current and former patients is really important. So, free up your staff’s time by handing off marketing communications to a team that understands how to respectfully engage your patient database.

Schedule a call today so we can share more about how this program works, and the kinds of results you can expect! All new engagements begin with a 4-week trial so you can try us out without making a huge investment of time and $.

Recall Program Pricing

You pay only for thrilling results.

Our Recall Program is part of our Pay for Performance pricing model, where we get paid only when you get paid. We cover the cost of all services required to build and launch email, SMS and sales funnels. For any sales that result from our efforts, we are paid a mutually agreed upon percentage of those sales.

To learn more about this program, schedule a call below and I’m happy to field any questions you may have. All new engagements start with a 4-week trial to ensure we’re a good fit.

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Let us Re-activate & Engage Your Patient Database

Grow your practice with uniquely timed offers to existing, satisfied patients!

We all know it’s more expensive to acquire new patients than  it is to maintain your existing relationships. When you see patients more frequently (and for a wider variety of treatments) you increase customer lifetime value AND form deeper relationships. Then what? Stellar patient reviews and referrals of course!